5 Ridiculous Celebrity Diet Fads and Why You Should Avoid Them

Celebrity Diet Fads

Celebrity diets can be a bane to those trying to drop pounds.

We live in an age when we zealously idolize our favourite movie stars and artistes; so much so that we actually aspire to their nearly unfeasible lifestyle. A case in point of this trend is following celebrity diet fads. In most cases, the ‘innovative’- sometimes even outlandish- diets would be completely unsuitable for a common working person’s lifestyle. Moreover, the staunch followers of these diets are usually hype-driven young people in their teens which are crucial years for the final spurt of growth. An imbalance in nutrition can throw the normal growth cycle off-track and leave the dieters bereft of those final few inches.

The misleading “Master Cleanse”

Beyonce led the way with this particular diet by shedding 20lbs for a movie role in 2006. For this diet, you not only have to bid solid foods a teary farewell, but live on the obnoxiously unappetizing concoction of fresh lime juice with maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water, drinking 6-12 glasses of it every day along with laxative tea at night. This strict 650 calorie is as bad as they get- its calorie count is approximately one-third of what an average adult needs. Not only are the effects short-lived- you lose water weight and not fat- it also slows down metabolism which is essentially the biggest culprit behind weight gain. This cycle of losing and gaining weight can stress heart; the regular dose of laxatives can blow a kidney or heart issue out of proportion and give you bigger reasons to worry than fitting into skinny jeans.

The pitfalls of “Air Diet”

In 2010, French magazine Grazia proclaimed this diet to be the best way to shed the extra kilos. Dieters basically just go through the motions of plating the food, cutting into it, holding it up to their mouth and stop there. Imagine inhaling the most delicious oregano-laden exquisiteness of pasta sauce and turning back from that point. Blasphemous! Madonna fuelled this fad when she posed with food to her mouth in a 2010 D&G campaign and didn’t actually eat it. Medical experts condemn such diets that risk malnutrition and other side effects.

The vicious Vinegar shots

‘Toxins’ and ‘cleansing’ are the catchwords of dieting these days and for all the wrong reasons. Megan Fox and Fergie took detoxing to new heights by claiming a vinegar shot before every meal helps in weight loss. Doctors say it does nothing more than leaving your taste buds disheartened enough not to crave real food. The unpleasant taste may be the only outcome because it has no health benefit. Its highly acidic nature can irritate the throat and aggravate stomach problems.

The curious Cabbage Soup Diet

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s secret to weight loss is apparently a whole week of having only cabbage soup for food. What a week that would be, we say. However, a lot of people have turned to this diet that gives vitamins, minerals and proteins a miss only to find it take a toll on their hair, skin and nails.

The inadequate Baby Food Diet

The key to this one lies in the name itself- baby food is meant for babies, not fully grown adults whose bodies need a substantial amount of proteins, which baby food blatantly lacks. This hampers muscle growth and slows down metabolic rate, so when you go back to normal food you’ll be quick to gain those shed kilos back again. Lady GaGa and Reese Witherspoon are rumoured to follow this ineffectual diet regimen.

These are but a few of the weird, plainly unhealthy diets that celebrities resort to. The ‘eat healthy and exercise’ plan seems less promising to the ‘new generation’ but the benefits are sure and unquestionable. An overall healthier body, peace of mind and a sense of achievement that only hard work can yield are the best aspects of this most conventional yet effective health regimen.  Whatever diet you choose, remember a stick-to-it healthy diet will always outweigh a popular one.

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