Diet Soda – Not So Diet

diet soda weight gain

Diet Soda can easily lead to weight gains

Diet soda, the default way to cut calories out of your diet.  New studies reveal that diet soda may actually lead to weight gain instead of weight loss. The reason – the more weight you gain, the higher weight loss product sales go. However, only a few products actually enjoy the popularity of diet soda. Everywhere you see, youngsters with weight loss goals are ordering them – with food, for snacking, and for every little drink they might need. However, research carried out by scientists actually shows that your weight loss goals might be hampered as a result of these diet drinks. Read on to know more:

Say Hello to Weight Gain

According to a study which was conducted by University of Texas researchers, the waist increase in drinkers of diet sodas was 70% more than that of non-diet-soda drinkers. Also, consuming more than or equal to two cans of diet soda in a day led to a 500% increase. One reason for this weight gain could be the artificial sweeteners that are loaded in these sodas. However, another reason could be attributed to basic psychology – when you know you are drinking diet soda, you might feel less bad about bingeing on cheese burgers. Just because they are free from calories does not mean that you will not put on weight.

Chances of Type 2 Diabetes Increased

According to a study conducted by researchers of University of Minnesota, one can of diet soda a day increases your chances of getting diabetes and other metabolic syndromes by 36%. Metabolic syndrome refers to a group of conditions like larger waist size, high cholesterol, increased levels of glucose, high blood pressure et al. Not just that, metabolic syndrome can increase your chances of getting conditions like diabetes, strokes and heart conditions.

Bad for Teeth

‘Bad’ is the operative word here because diet soda, with its 3.2 pH, can wreak havoc with your teeth. Simply because you are drinking diet drinks does not mean that the acidic quotient is any less and your teeth are protected. As per dental data provided by University of Michigan, people who consume more than or equal to three diet sodas a day have poorer dental health. The instances of fillings, missing teeth and tooth decay are far greater with diet beverage drinkers than non-diet-drinks consumers. The enamel is dissolved with the acidic value of the soda you consume for losing excess weight.

Worse Hangovers

Have you ever noticed how, when you order a drink with diet options, you get drunk faster and the hangovers are worse? It is not your imagination but a scientific fact that is caused because of the presence of artificial sweeteners in diet soda. As per Australia’s Royal Adelaide Hospital study, if you drink cocktails made from diet soda, you would reach your limit sooner. This is because when it comes to sugar free drinks, the alcohol directly and quickly enters your bloodstream, leaving you with a more difficult buzz.

Other problems associated with diet drinks include cell damage caused by mold inhibitors present in diet soda that can cause cell damage, skin irritation, asthma, allergic problems, hives et al. Reproductive issues have also been linked to consuming diet sodas because of BPA (bisphenol A). Not just that, a study by Harvard Medical School says that these sodas are damaging your kidneys too.

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