5 Foods You Should Never Eat

Foods you should never eat

Some foods you should simply never eat. They offer no health value to your life.

Most of us are more health conscious than ever before, thanks to the continuous updated information posted on blogs, in the news, and in books or magazine articles. While there are plenty of foods we shouldn’t eat in order to stay healthy and lose extra pounds or avoid gaining weight, here are five common contenders that most experts agree are foods you should never eat.


Your dentist will weigh in on this one. Regular soda with sugar is just plain bad for you. Without one redeeming nutrient, your favorite soft drinks pretty much boil down to flavored sugar water with fizz. While they can be fun with favorite snack foods, they are definitely not good for the body. Diet soda is as bad or worse, given the questionable artificial sweeteners. Substitute coffee or tea, which have at least a few plant benefits. Better yet, drink plenty of clear water, with lemon if desired.

Processed meats

Ham, bacon, most kinds of sausage, and any kind of processed lunch meat contains preservatives that may be harmful to the body. Some have been linked to cancer in research studies. Buy your meat raw and cook it yourself, minus the preservatives, for fresh, wholesome meats as dinner foods or for lunch sandwiches. Cheese, tuna, and eggs make great substitutes on a sandwich or in a salad.

Commercial baked goods

Whether it’s cookies, cake, pie, or muffins, any type of baked goodies you buy from a store or bakery is likely to contain preservatives and lots of additives that aren’t exactly beneficial to good health. These products also tend to have questionably high levels of sugar and salt, along with artificial colors or flavors. You can make your own lower-calorie, more wholesome, and certainly cheaper baked treats at home. You may even want to go sugarless by using natural sweeteners like honey or fruit. Granted, the result is not as sweet, but it has a naturally pleasant flavor that is easy to get used to.

Fried food

Fried anything should be avoided if at all possible. This includes foods like chicken or potatoes as well as snacks such as chips. Indulging in an occasional fried delicacy is all right on occasion, but it should be the exception rather than the rule. Not only is the cooking grease potentially harmful, but the frying method of cooking food may also be detrimental, according to recent studies.

White foods

Interestingly, some research suggests that many white foods we consume, like bread, pasta, sugar, and rice, are among the worst in terms of low nutrient value and high carbohydrate counts. This is not true for all white foods, of course, and some rich in color may also have a high glycemic index value, which can impact blood sugar and insulin levels. Many dietitians recommend eating a colorful palette of foods rather than sticking with a bland or neutral color for most of the things we put on our plate. Orange carrots, green broccoli, red tomatoes and other natural foods with intense colors are often indicators of a well-balanced, healthy diet.

It is not that difficult to find tasty replacements for the five food types mentioned above. With a little creativity, you will soon look and feel better while enjoying far healthier food items at each meal.

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