Gluten In Your Diet

Gluten is derived from the latin word, “glue”.   In scientific terms Gluten refers to the protein composite often found in wheat. In simple terms Gluten is responsible for giving a chewy texture to your food and to add elasticity to your dough. Gluten is a protein rich product often found in wheat and similar grains.

Research has shown the human beings have been consuming gluten in the form of gluten for at least a thousand years. It’s only recently, with the growing awareness about health, that gluten has attracted attention towards itself. It is primarily associated with people suffering from celiac disease. Celiac is a disease which is associated with the small intestine, where the small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten leading to difficulty in digesting of food containing gluten. Although the number of people suffering from this disease is relatively lower still for those who suffer from it a minor consumption can cause severe reaction.

Even for those who are not suffering from celiac, gluten free diets are slowly climbing the popularity charts. Many health experts swear by the wonders of a gluten free diet. More and more number of companies are coming up with gluten free products to target the health conscious crowd. However the debate remains as to how wheat which is a staple diet of most people and which has been consumed for donkey’s years by mankind suddenly becomes the enemy of the body. Surely gluten is not the only thing that we can get from wheat. It is also rich in carbohydrates which are essential for your body.

If we concentrate on a region specific study then clearly the northern region of India has the highest proportion of wheat based products which means that a majority of the population consumes wheat on a daily basis and north Indians are considered among the most athletic and sturdy people. Although this new trend is somewhat debatable, Gluten free diet has triggered a whole lot of businesses which revolve and promote this very idea. We have restaurants now that cater to gluten free food; vacations are being planned by travel agents which advertise a gluten free experience, which has found many takers.

Switching over to a gluten free diet can be a daunting task but slowly one can get used to it. A lot of food manufacturers are now coming up with gluten free versions of bread, pasta etc which are viewed as primarily gluten based products.

Here is some of the Gluten Free Food list to get you started

  • Oils- Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut oil-
  • Whole Eggs, Fish (Salmon) poultry and pork
  • Green leafy vegetables, spinach, cabbage, brocoli
  • Cucumber, Tomato, Eggplants, Lemons

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