The Myth of the Calorie

Calorie Myth

Calorie Myth

Most people know just enough about the concept of calories to be dangerous to themselves. In diet mythology, simply reducing calories will somehow magically reduce the amount of fat and increase the sex appeal of a person within a matter of minutes. However, any dietitian will tell you that this is not rooted in any medical science.

Moreover, dieting in the mainstream way of doing so is one of the least enjoyable experiences of any weight loss or muscle gaining program. If it is less likely that the person on the diet actually completes it, then it does not matter how great the diet may be!

The Truth about Calories

Calories equal energy inside of the body. People correctly assume that less caloric intake means less of a chance that the body will turn the calories inside of the body into fat – this energy will be used up instead of stored. However, people do not take into account the way that the body signals to itself that it actually has enough energy to survive.

Simply eating less will not help in most cases. The stomach must stretch in order for the body to feel a sense of fullness or satiety. If it does not, then the body will feel hungry all of the time, causing the individual to lust after fattening foods, the ones that will fill that need most quickly.

However, there is a way to get that feeling of fullness without resorting to fatty foods.

Good Bulk

There is such a thing as “good bulk” in foods. Instead of fat, good bulk comes from fiber, water and other nutrients. The biggest problem with First World diets is not the amount of fat in foods; the body could ideally work that off and be healthy to a certain extent. However, the lack of nutrients in processed foods depresses the body, making workouts harder physically and mentally. Because processing also removes the natural water that is in foods, the body feels less full.

Finally, the removal of much of the fiber in processed foods keeps the body from the nutrients that it needs in order to clean itself out. The water, fiber and other nutrients that are taken out are replaced by synthetic elements that the body cannot process at all. The result is the same as stuffing a bunch of plastics into the ground – it never biodegrades, so it constantly creates an eyesore and a natural hazard that cannot be removed in a natural way.

The true solution is to make sure that your caloric intake is natural and full of nutrients. This can be accomplished by a plant rich diet that is full of natural and raw foods. This will help your body to feel satiated without having to take in the fats and synthetic elements that create a feeling of fullness without any health benefits for the body whatsoever.

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