Nutrition For Kids

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Nutrition for kids is a vital part of raising them to be healthy adults.

What is nutrition?

Nutrition can simply mean what your child eats and drinks. Children  need foods that are rich in nutrients for their body to develop, function, and stay healthy.

Calories can be defined as the amount of energy that is found in foods and drinks that a child takes. Your kids need a specific amount of calories to grow and develop properly. But if you allow your children to take a lot of these calories, the excess calories will be stored as body fats. These fats are not good for the development of this child. Nutrition for kids should follow same principles as for the adults. We all need all types of nutrients without looking at our age brackets. These nutrients include minerals, vitamins, protein, fats and carbohydrate. Children need these nutrients but in a different amount of specific nutrients.

As parents and guardians, we need to find the best feeding method that will facilitate children growth and development. The following are nutrients dense foods that will help in the development and growth of young ones:

  • Proteins– consider giving them seafood, eggs, peas, beans, unsalted nuts, seeds, lean meat and poultry.
  • Fruits– it is wise to encourage your children, to eat a variety of fresh fruits, frozen, canned, instead of fruit juice.
  • Grains– it is recommended to choose whole grains like oatmeal, wheat bread, popcorn, quinoa and wild rice.
  • Dairy– make sure your children eat and drink dairy products that are fat-free or low-fat. This product includes milk, cheese, yogurt and fortified soy beverages.

Benefits of proper nutrition for your child

  • Mental well-being
  • Development of strongbonesandmuscles.
  • Goodenergy level
  • Fasterwound
  • They can quicklyrecover from injuriesandillness.
  • Achild can benefit from a reducedrisk of heartdiseases, stroke, diabetes, cancers among otherdiseases.
  • Goodenergy
  • Increasedability to concentrateandlearn.

Things to do to help your child make healthy choices about food

  1. Teach and encourage your child about healthy eating habits. By doing this, you are giving your child necessary tools that will help them in their entire life. So teach them to consume healthy items.
  2. Give healthy food option at home– make sure you have healthy food options available for entire family. Make sure you have a variety of choices where your children can choose from. Be consistency in providing healthy foods options.
  3. Limit fast food, takeout and junk food. If you can take out food, then avoid fried foods and choose the healthy foods that are available. For example choose fruits instead of French fries.
  4. Teach them to read food labels- these labels have valuable information about food content.
  5. Be a good role model- make sure you are eating healthy and you are incorporating physical activities into your life. Your children will learn from you hence they will adapt the same style.

Effects of poor kid’s nutrition

  • Easily attacked by diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • Trouble learning
  • Heart diseases
  • Attach by some cancer diseases

As a caregiver, you have an enormous influence on your child. If you eat healthily, your kids will learn from you and follow your example.

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