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Pegan Diet

Pegan Dieting Isn’t All Bad

Dr Mark Hyman of Cleveland Medical Center has created a brand new diet craze. The Paleo-Vegan, or Pegan Diet, combines two wildly different philosophies on food. Dr Hyman believes that both diets have excellent points but need improvement.

Many vegans rely on bread and processed meat substitutes, neither of which provide quality nutrition, but the plants and fiber are good. The Paleo diet includes lots of fruits and vegetables, but it can cause weight gain, because followers are encouraged to eat large amounts of meat and fat. The creator of the 30 Day Shape Me Plan, Burrell says, “Eating more than 200 grams of meat (particularly red meat), is related to an increased risk of a disease, including gut cancers.”

This new mix of diets has a few basic rules.

Eat a lot of plants. About 75 percent of the Pegan Diet should be plant based, but just any old plant won’t do. It’s important to focus on the glycemic load that food puts on the body. Foods like nuts, seeds, avocados, and other such plants provide a lot of protein and fat instead of simple sugars. A plant based diet is healthy for the earth as well as human bodies. It requires far more land, water, and labor to provide 1,000 calories of meat than to grow the same number in eatable crops.

Avoid gluten. A lot of people think that gluten has gotten a bad rap lately. It’s true that the vast majority of the population does not have celiac disease. Still, most people are aware that baked goods aren’t exactly health food. For one thing, many gluten-rich flours are loaded with processed carbohydrates that the body breaks down in one fell swoop. That makes blood sugar spike and starts a rollercoaster of hunger patterns.

Avoid sugar. Sugar is murder on glycemic balance. It is full of empty calories and causes tooth decay. Everyone can agree that sugar should not be an everyday staple. The fact that it is has a lot to do with the state of world health today. So, indulge, but do it rarely, and make it some really high quality stuff.

Avoid dairy. Many more people are sensitive to dairy than to gluten. It is not meant for the adult human body which wastes many of its nutrients. The hormones and antibiotics in modern milk products don’t help any either.

The Paleo-Vegan Diet has a long list of benefits.

  • The high fiber intake keeps the digestive system working.
  • Less meat intake is good for the earth.
  • A low glycemic load means that they bodies blood sugar remains stable, and extra carbohydrates aren’t converted to fat.
  • The diet discourages processed foods and chemical substances that aren’t “food” anyway.
  • Followers get adequate protein for muscle building without going overboard.

Overall, this plan seems like a healthy one. After all, the goal of any good eating plan is to provide the vitamins, minerals, fats, protein, and fiber that a body needs. By eating fresh grains, nuts, and other plants combined with limited meat people should be able to achieve that. Of course, any diet can be taken too far, so common sense is always important.

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