Protein Snacking Vs Carb Snacking

Carb Snacking

Carb snacking can add on the pounds

Thanks to the new grown awareness about a healthy lifestyle, fitness now is not just confined to athletes or body builders. Fitness has become a norm among the common public as well which makes diet and health books sell like hot cakes. People are increasingly delving deeper into what they eat and how much they eat. So much so that everything that they eat, is quickly entered into their fitness app to get a quick overview of the protein/ carbohydrate and calorie intake of their food. With so much in information literally at their finger tips it can be quite confusing for someone just starting on his exercise regime to figure out the correct diet plan for him/her.

Every dietician/ nutritionist worth his salt will propagate that eating in small quantities at regular intervals is a must. A lot of books have been dedicated to understand the function of the body and the effect of various foods that we consume. The two major warriors in the diet wars are proteins and carbs. Majority of the research and studies have held carbohydrates responsible for our inability to fit into the favorite jeans that we so often wore in college. However research has also shown that carbs are not entirely to be blamed for the widening waistline and the love handles. Carbs are essential for your body to carry out its normal functions. The right kind of carbohydrates like unprocessed fruits and vegetables can actually help you lose and maintain a healthy weight.

While many actors with a well sculpted body swear by the protein shakes and protein diets it is extremely important to know that depriving your body of carbohydrates will do more harm in the long run. A healthy diet should have a perfect balance of both proteins and carbs as both are extremely important for the body functions. An only protein diet can lead to a well endowed body but at the same time deprive the body of vital energy making one irritable, tired and sleepy. On the other hand Carbohydrates are needed to give the body energy for that intense workout but excess carbohydrate can lead to accumulation of fats in the body.

The key to winning the war on flab is to get these warriors, protein and carbohydrates on our side. Giving both of them equal attention will ensure that they work for the body ultimately winning a healthy and fit body for us.

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