Raw Almonds, A Great Addition To A Healthy Diet

Raw Almonds

Raw Almonds – A Superfood

Raw Almonds – A Superfood

Raw almonds are packed full of biotin, vitamin E, copper, vitamin B2, magnesium and fiber.  They can be enjoyed as between meal snacks in their whole form or in almond butter form spread on your favorite whole-wheat crackers or on a stalk of celery. They can also be sprinkled on salads, steamed vegetables, sautéed or sprinkled on top of pasta.

Raw almonds are considered a super-food and while they help keep blood sugar under control, they can so much more. They also help fight against a variety of diseases. In fact, according to research one ounce of raw almonds contains the same amount of antioxidants as a cup of green tea or 8 ounces of broccoli. That amount of antioxidants is thought to help prevent cancer and heart disease.

In addition to fighting off heart disease almonds also help lower LDL- cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. These little disease fighting nuts contain the same health promoting fats that are found in olive oil making them a high-fat food that is actually good for your health. Vitamin E is also believed to lower cholesterol and fight heart disease and because almonds are packed full of this antioxidant with just a quarter cup of almonds added to a daily diet bad cholesterol can be reduced up to 12%.

Raw almonds also give health benefits to those who have diabetes or who need to change their diets to prevent getting it. These healthy nuts help lessen surges in blood sugar that occur after meals. By controlling the surges the risks of both diabetes and cardiovascular disease are lessened. With the blood sugar spikes taken care of the almond’s antioxidants will help flush the body of remaining free radicals.

In order to keep the heart healthy it’s important to improve blood fats. While problems with blood fat levels do not instantly cause major health problems, they do increase future health concerns. Those who turn to whole-wheat to solve blood fat level problems should consider turning to almonds instead. Studies show that 2.5 ounces of almonds consumed daily do a better job at improving blood fats and lowering LDL- cholesterol than whole-wheat, even though whole foods of any kind are a great way to promote health.

So how do you get the most out of your almond snacking? Whole almonds with their skins left on provide the largest health benefits. The skin of an almond has flavonoids. When these flavonoids are teamed up with vitamin E found in the meat of almonds the antioxidants are more than doubled. Raw almond skins have twenty potent flavonoids and many of the same are found in green tea and grapefruit.

In addition to these health benefits the daily consumption of raw almonds can help manage weight and promote weight loss. With all of these health benefits packed into 2.5 ounces of daily almond snacking there’s no good reason not to try this superfood.

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