How Smoothies Can Boost Your Nutrition


Smoothies can help a diet in a multitude of ways

Smoothies can be fun and whimsical drinks. Depending on what makes your smoothie, it can enhance your daily nutrition levels and your vitamin count. You can make a vegetable smoothie or a fruit smoothie and add ingredients like flax seeds, chia seeds, nuts or kale for enhanced nutrition.


Benefits To Drinking Smoothies

Smoothies Are Rich In Nutrients and Fats

Smoothies that give you nourishment and taste are those that contain natural ingredients that are rich in nutrients, oils and vitamins. The body needs fat for its functions and for energy, so your smoothie must contain dietary fat which you can get from cream or egg yolks.

Vegetable Smoothies For Your Daily Intake Of Vegetables

If you don’t like to eat vegetables, convert it into a smoothie and drink it down. Your choice of veggies could include beetroots, tomato, spinach leaves, carrots and cucumber. Blend them with a cup of water and drink it.

And why not? The benefits for you are tremendous. First, vegetable smoothies increase your fiber intake by which your digestion improves and your blood sugar normalizes and lowers your blood cholesterol and blood pressure. By adding just two cups of spinach to your smoothie, you add on 1.5 grams of fiber and achieve the normal fiber content you should have per day.

Smoothies Keep You Hydrated

Drink a smoothie for breakfast and it will keep you feeling full for long. Besides, it will keep you hydrated for the rest of the day–something that tea and coffee can’t do. Once you drink a smoothie, you won’t need to drink water because it will be contained in your drink.

Smoothies Help You Lose Weight

Make yourself a fruit smoothie and watch yourself lose weight. The fresh fruit you use for your smoothie has live enzymes that are easily digestible and antioxidants that fight free radicals and prevent you from rapid aging. Add together a pear, yogurt, water, some flaxseeds, cardamom, soy milk and a few ice cubes. Run this through a blender until you get a smooth and thick-ish consistency.

Smoothies Strengthen Your Immunity

With all the vegetables and fruits you take in, your Vitamin C content is sure to rise and prevent you from falling sick and improving your immunity.

Smoothies Are Rich In Calcium

When made with milk and yogurt, smoothies can provide you with sufficient calcium to improve the strength in your bones. So, go ahead and make your smoothies with milk or yogurt.

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