Staying Fit For the Holidays

healthy holidays

Eating healthy during the holidays can be a challenge but it is possible.

The holidays are always a difficult time to keep weight off. Many festivities revolve around food and holiday overeating. Willpower is tested and keeping count of calories is the last thing on the mind. Giving up until the New Year may seem like the best option, but holiday dieting is still possible. Holiday weight gain does not get thrown away as easily as the wrapping paper trash.The good thing is, people can still enjoy the holidays while sticking to their diets and not going overboard. Depriving oneself is not the goal, nor should it be. According to, eating regular meals is important when trying to manage weight. Small slip ups during the holidays should not result in giving up, just getting back on track.

A great tip for keeping weight off during the holidays is to always eat a healthy snack before a party. This way, the risk of over indulging at the party is lessened, due to a stomach that is already full of healthy foods. With all of the tempting food choices, it will feel good knowing that you can have the evening to socialize, rather than grazing past the food all night.

If you do get around the food, try to find the vegetable tray. These often have fun dips to sample, so there is some flavor involved. Raw vegetables are great to snack on, as they are crunchy and filling. Every holiday party includes some sort of healthy fruit or vegetable tray that often goes slightly untouched, so keep this as your go-to snack for the night!

It is important to not drink too much if you are watching your weight. This is for two reasons. First, holiday drinks are often packed with calories. They go down quickly, so before you know it, you have has enough liquid calories to last an entire day. Another reason to not drink so much while trying to maintain a healthy weight is that inhibitions go down, so all of that fried food might look a lot more tempting if you are not in your right mind. This may lead to regret or giving up. Choose water rather than alcohol. Alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed, but oftentimes it is a good choice to drink a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage. This will lessen the calorie intake and ensure that you stay in your right mind throughout the night.

Finally, stay on schedule. With work schedules becoming out of whack and holiday travelling, it is important to keep up an existing exercise routine. Don’t sleep all day and then party through the night, letting go of all inhibitions. It is important to stay on track with a healthy routine while still enjoying the holidays.

Holiday weight gain is common and holiday dieting is hard, but if you are mindful about the issue of health, you can get through the holidays being both happy and healthy. Enjoying a treat every now and then is expected, especially during time of celebration, but going overboard is not necessary and often results in regret.

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