Top 10 Worst Carbs

worst carbs for dieting

Hidden carbs can undermine a healthy diet.

Every gram of Carbohydrates comes with 4 calories. According to GroupHealth, 0 – 60% of daily calorie requirements should be met by carbs in a healthy person. Carbs give the body instant energy but that doesn’t mean carbohydrate intake can be unlimited. After a certain point, the excess carbs are converted into fat by the body and this where the trouble starts. Various carbs, classified under “bad carbs” are fast acting but they do a lot more damage than slow acting carbs. They only raise the level of blood sugar in the body but don’t satiate appetite – thus, failing at the basic carb function.

The Top 10 Worst Carbs You Should Avoid


Pancake Syrup

Pancake syrup is the modern addition to pancakes because it is cheaper and a lot more versatile. It comes with 230mg of sugar in just 2 ounces and comes with 230 calories. It also has 12g of carbs. There are various other weight gain issues associated with pancake syrup because it goes with everything. However, it has none of the goodness of maple syrup which is a better, if slightly costlier, version.


Who doesn’t like candies? From children to adults, everyone splurges on candies every once in a while. Many people prefer to munch on candies instead of popcorn at the movies (they are both unhealthy). However, candy is extremely bad for health. It contains over 10g of saturated fat, 25g sugar, and anything from 250 – 280 calories, depending on the type. Instead, chocolate is a much better alternative. Dark chocolate consumed in small amounts can lower blood pressure, provide antioxidants, improve blood flow and even reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

White Bread

This is one of the most popular things that a lot of people have thrown out of their daily diets. White bread brings nothing but misery to its eaters. It has none of the benefits of carbs and all the negatives. Because of processing, the squishy, drab and tasteless slice might be delicious with butter or jam, but has no nutritional benefits. Instead, whole wheat bread is a better option. The one with some solid grains is pretty delicious as well.

Yogurt Raisins

Recently made pretty popular by celebrities, yogurt covered nuts and raisins are the second biggest culprits in bad carbohydrates. These are healthy only when consumed in small numbers. But, because they are so delicious, that is never the case. It should be mentioned that 1/4th cup of yogurt covered raisins have 19g of sugar and only 20g of carbs. Instead, a small bar of dark chocolate is better for health. It provides the candy fix as well.

Instant Oats

This is a carb that falls into the grey area because the brand of quick oats chosen has a lot to do with its nutritional value. The best bet is to go for slow cooking regular oats that conserve all the nutrients because they are cooked slowly. With quick oats, however, lots of brands tend to add salt and sugar to the product which instantly makes it unhealthy. Thus, while buying quick oats, the healthier variety should be purchased. Everything in moderation is good. Quick oats for breakfast on a busy day and once in a while are okay.

Popcorn At The Movies

For every moviegoer, popcorn is an essential part of the experience. However, one large bag of popcorn comes with 580g of sodium and 1200 calories. Basically, most people’s total daily calories would be finished in one bag. After adding butter and salt content, this counts for even more. And it is better not to think about caramel popcorn because that is even unhealthier. For regular moviegoers, this could be a bad option.

Yogurt With Jam Fruit

This option is popular for a quick pre-workout, late night snack. Even hunger pangs in the afternoon are sometimes satiated with this snack. Yogurt alone is healthy as it contains lactose. It offers about 12 to 15g of carbs in one serving. But when jammy fruit is added to it, sugar is introduced which doubles the carb amount. Greek yogurt with some fresh fruits cut up and added to it is a far better option.


Most coffee shops house gargantuan muffins, which are the preferred treats for breakfast or brunch. Given the amount of coffee (or tea) that an average person consumes, it is understandable that a muffin is usually an accompaniment. However, it comes with 64g of carbs, not to mention the added 30g sugar. Instead of “lemon poppy” and other flavors of processed muffins with butter and sugar, it is best to go for a healthier option. Bran muffins are recommended.

Packaged Fruit Juice

While people avoid sodas and sugary drinks, they forget that packaged fruit juice is equally bad as it is loaded with sugar. Natural juices are a better option. Here is a good carb-bad carb list that contains fruit juice under bad carbs and can be printed out for ease of use.

Cheese Crackers

Cheese crackers contain 18g of carbs, artificial colors, additives and chemicals. They do not have one redeeming feature, except possibly taste. However, that too isn’t all that great as compared to other processed foods that, at least, come with an ounce of nutrients. Even organic and “healthy” cheese crackers are made from processed flour. They also contain high fat cheese, which isn’t good for health. A better option is whole-wheat crackers that are actually filling and come loaded with nutritional benefits.

The best deal is to choose foods and carbs that are close to their source. recently listed out some good carbs and bad carbs that reveal how processing strips away the healthy and nutritional goodness of most carbohydrates. Also, portion size management, especially when it comes to carbs, can be a great way to stay healthy. Most diet gurus recommend the same for people who want to keep their weight under control.

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